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Headaches are a problem that affect about half of the population, with some of the people who suffer reporting 15 or more days out of every month! Although headaches are common, it is important to know they are not normal. There are various types of headac hes detailed below, and different causes for them. Common causes include medical conditions such as blood pressure, environmental issues and allergens, physical causes such as injuries and musculoskeletal dysfunctions, and stress. In our office we focus on the mechanical and physical causes of your headaches, while we also help you with lifestyle changes for the other causes.

One of the more general causes of headaches is called cervicogenic, which means it starts in your neck. Normally, each of the joints in your neck move freely and independently to give you a full range of motion. But sometimes, muscle tightness or joint restriction in the upper part of your neck can trigger a cycle of stiffness, muscle tightness, inflammation, nerve irritation, and pain.
Since the majority of headaches derive from a mechanical source, chemical solutions like pain medications and other drugs often fail to resolve your headaches, or only offer a brief period of relief. Fortunately, Chiropractors have effective means of treating your headache, regardless of the type of headache, because we are able to address the mechanical cause of your headache. What is most important to know is, while your headache may seem common, it is never normal. Your headache is a signal saying there is something wrong. And while relief from pain is often a welcome benefit; left untreated, the underlying problem gets worse, not better. Which is why addressing headaches as quickly as possible is always the best move for your health.

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How We Treat Headaches in Palm Bay and Melbourne, FL

Comprehensive Consultation and Exam

Since Chiropractic always seeks to treat the cause rather than the result (or symptom), we always begin with an in-depth consultation to learn about the person behind the headache. No matter the health challenge, there is rarely 1 simple thing that is the cause. With so many factors affecting health, your personal story is of the utmost importance to us. We need to know what kind of injuries you may have had, what is your job or family life like, what are your stress levels, how is your diet and lifestyle. This helps us identify areas we can address. We also want to learn how your headaches are affecting your life. Often the headache itself is an annoyance, but the toll it takes on your relationships and your quality of life are your real problem. We want to know how your headaches are interfering with your life, so we can help you better your life and reach your goals. Our exam process will be one of the best in-office experiences you have had. We know how to perform the appropriate testing, diagnostics, neurological work-ups, and functional testing to pinpoint any mechanical deficits. We match them up with any necessary imaging, using our state of the art, digital x-rays. With a thorough understanding of your causes and lifestyle, we can create a plan to eliminate your headaches, so you can get your quality of life back!

Specific Chiropractic Care

Gentle, specific chiropractic care is what we specialize in. It is often the most important thing we’ll ever do in our office, and the key to unlocking your healing potential. What we look for is called the Vertebral Subluxation Complex. Essentially, the bones in your spine (vertebrae) house and protect the very delicate nerves and spinal cord that allow for all communication from your brain to your body. Any area of the spine that has lost its alignment, has become stuck or fixated, will irritate those nerves, and alter function. In the case of headaches, removing the stress and pressure from these nerves breaks the cycle of spasm, inflammation, and pain, and even has the added effect of relaxing the many blood vessels into the head and brain. Since the vast majority of headaches stem from mechanical or vascular issues, this is why chiropractors do so well.

Custom Therapeutic Exercise Plan and Massage

Since so much of your physiology relies on your posture in gravity, we understand the value of a proper and specific exercise plan, to address any underlying muscle weakness, or improper patterns that have developed over time. Depending on your exam, your daily habits, and any adaptations from injuries, we design a custom therapeutic exercise plan for you, both in-office, and at home. The benefit of teaching home care means quicker results, and less time spent in-office! We also work hand in hand with our in-house massage therapists, to address any soft tissue work when necessary.

Nutritional Supplementation

One of the most common things we hear is, “I don’t want to have to take any medications”. We wholeheartedly agree with this. Oftentimes, in lieu of prescription and over the counter medications, we can offer natural substitutes for pain and inflammation, as well as general nutritional deficits. What we put into our bodies will either build us up, or make us more toxic. We know how to take the guesswork out of this process.

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Common Types of Headaches in Melbourne and Palm Bay, FL

Tension Headaches

One of the more common types of headaches that come into Restoration Health Chiropractic is the tension headache. This is the type of headache described by many as “a band around your head”. They’re generally mild to moderate in pain, but can get severe. The pressure is often felt more in the temples, or in the back of the head. This can be due to the muscle tension at the base of the skull, trigger points in the muscles of the neck and upper back, and/or spinal alignment. If you experience these types of headaches, it is important to get your spine checked, as it could mean a more serious problem developing.

Migraine Headaches

Unfortunately, one of the more common headaches we see here at Restoration Health Chiropractic is the migraine headache. There is a difference between “regular headaches”, and migraines, and the people who get migraine headaches know that difference. They are classically more painful and can be debilitating. They are described as throbbing or pulsing, and usually are focused to one side of the head, but not always. At times, they can cause nausea and vomiting, and are often accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound. Migraines can cause severe problems to your lifestyle, including missing work or school, becoming irritable with friends or loved ones, and missing out on important life events. Quality of life becomes an important aspect when dealing with migraines. Because there can be several causes, they can often be difficult to work with for traditional medicine. Very often, migraines can originate from the cervical spine, where it meets the skull. Chiropractic care can reduce the headaches by adjusting the dysfunctional areas of the spine. It is not uncommon to completely eliminate someone’s migraines, over time. The best way to learn if our care can resolve your migraines is to have our doctors at Restoration Health Chiropractic physically check your spine.

TMJ and Trigeminal Neuralgia

TMJ is short for Temporomandibular joint, or your jaw where it hinges under your ear. Classic TMJ can cause pain to the jaw when you open or close it, pain to the temples, and clicking or grinding of the jaw. Grinding of the teeth at night can also accompany TMJ. In very severe cases, the nerves that pass through that area (the Trigeminal Nerve) can become inflamed and irritated. Trigeminal neuralgia is severe pain to the face, usually one sided, along the distribution of the nerve. The pain has at times been described as, “just shoot me”. Whether it is TMJ, or trigeminal neuralgia, chiropractic care can offer some of the most dependable relief in all of health care, without drugs or surgical interventions. There are specific adjustments to the neck, jaw, and even skull that can quickly relieve the pain associated with TMJ and Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Sinus (or Allergy) Headaches

In your skull, you have sinus cavities, or air-filled areas in the bones of your face that help produce mucus to protect your airway openings. These cavities can become inflamed or infected if they don’t properly drain, and that will cause headaches. These feel like pressure around your eyes, forehead, and/or cheekbones. The pain will increase with increased pressure such as bending forward or bearing down. There are several ways chiropractic care can help relieve sinus headaches. We use a combination of adjusting to help relieve pressure, and advanced sinus draining techniques which help move the sinus backup through the lymph system for proper drainage. Many of our patients report immediate relief after care, while others report a higher tolerance to environments that would have normally triggered their sinus allergies.

Whiplash Headache

After an auto accident, it is common for a patient to report headaches, pain at the base of the skull, and even a “foggy headed” feeling and irritability, similar to a concussion type injury. One of the problems with a car accident is that we all have a big head, and a relatively little neck. Due to the aggressive head movements, the muscles, ligaments and joints often suffer tissue damage. It is imperative that you get your spine checked after an automobile accident. Damage to these tissues may or may not cause symptoms, but the ligament and soft tissue damage can quickly become permanent and accelerate arthritic degeneration and spinal aging. Research also shows that there is not a correlation between vehicle speed, vehicle damage, and the amount of injury sustained, meaning, little “fender benders” can sometime cause big damage too. If you have been in an accident, make sure and tell us so we can check for stability in your spine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a chiropractor in Palm Bay, FL good for headaches?

The Chiropractors at Restoration Health Chiropractic are dedicated to bringing relief to our patients suffering from headaches. We are highly trained to identify the source of headaches and guide you through the proper treatment protocols to correct the cause.

When should you see a chiropractor for headaches?

As soon as possible! Headaches can be debilitating and cause destroy relationships, employment opportunities, and general quality of life. There are often injuries that accompany why you are having headaches to begin with. Chiropractors can generally reduce headaches quickly, without drugs or medications.

Is a massage or chiropractic better for headaches?

While massage and chiropractic are both very effective for headaches, the best answer is, sometimes, both! We utilize massage with our care here. The only way to know is to first identify why you have headaches, and tailor a plan to fix the underlying causes.

Do medical doctors recommend chiropractors for headaches?

Here in the Melbourne and Palm Bay area, we have many medical doctors and physical therapists who refer their patients to us. We have an excellent reputation, and we get stellar results with headaches.

Are chiropractors covered by insurance for headaches?

Chiropractic care is often a covered service with many insurance plans. Because there are so many plans out there, our office will happily contact your insurer and verify any available benefits prior to initiating care. If you are underinsured or don’t have insurance, we offer very affordable care plan discounts to offset the high prices health care often charges.

Can getting your neck adjusted help with headaches?

Absolutely. Because so many headaches originate in the neck and the upper cervical spine (where the skull meets the neck), we get amazing results with headaches. It is not uncommon for people to come in with a headache, and leave that day headache free!

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