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Low back pain is one of the most common reasons someone may see a chiropractor. An estimated 80% of all people will suffer from low back pain at some point in their life, which often leads to disability and decreased quality of life. Low back pain is so common because our back is the foundation for everything we do, and as such, it is subject to compounding everyday stresses and injuries over time.

Comprehensive Consultation and Exam

At Restoration Health Chiropractic, we successfully eliminate back pain because we know that not all back pain is the same. The first step to stop low back pain is to learn what is CAUSING the pain.  
  • Was there an injury to the back?
  • How long has it been there?
  • What is the spine’s condition: the discs, ligaments, and tendons?
  • Is there any arthritis present?
  • What is the person’s overall health condition?
  • What is their lifestyle?
In order to heal, you first have to learn what process got you there so that you can reverse the damage without drugs or surgery. We are very thorough with our consultation and exam to answer some of those history and lifestyle questions. We take specific digital X-rays to locate the problem areas. These are vital to understand what may be causing your pain. Not only are there muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs, and joints that can cause low back pain, but issues in other parts of the body can cause compensation that refers pain to the low back. This is why a thorough exam for low back issues would include an evaluation of the entire spine. We assess your whole body and dynamic movement to determine if we can provide you with natural low back pain relief. Based on our history and exam, we can create a plan to address your issues and optimize your body’s ability to heal. This plan will address your physical structure, musculoskeletal system, and even your lifestyle.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Low Back Pain Relief

Our adjustments are simple, safe, painless, and scientifically specific. We use traction, exercises, and vibration platform therapies to strengthen your weak areas and speed up healing. There is NO cookie cutter approach. Since your low back pain is unique, your care must also be unique if it is going to work! That is why we get such good results where other systems often have not. That is why we get so many referrals from local orthopedists and medical doctors, especially for the tough cases that have not responded to medication and physical therapy.

It is important to address problems in the spine as soon as possible. Chronic issues can lead to degeneration and arthritis, as well as disc-related issues. We are often told low back pain comes from a herniated disc pushing on the nerve roots and that chiropractic can no longer help. This is not true. In the low back, the disc acts as a fulcrum to balance bodyweight and gravity. Chiropractic care can control the load on your discs by improving spinal movement and posture, even addressing body weight and muscle tone. Chiropractic care can be essential to natural pain relief, healing your spine, and avoiding dangerous surgical interventions.

Natural Pain Relief

Regardless of where the low back pain is coming from, one thing NECESSARY for pain relief is motion! Injuries cause pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms, reducing and restricting your range of motion. When your joints can’t move, you feel pain. This is why often, when you first get up, you are achy, but after a little while, the pain starts to subside. This is called the “Gate Theory of Pain.” Essentially, movement blocks the sensation of pain. Your pain, even if temporary, is a sign of an underlying problem. When we find your problem, we fix low back pain and “close the pain gate” by restoring motion to your joints, teaching you stabilizing and strengthening exercises, and improving your mechanics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should you see a chiropractor in Melbourne and Palm Bay for low back pain?

Pain is usually a sign of an underlying problem. Any pain that lasts more than a few days should be checked. Degenerative changes can happen silently over time and catch up all at once.

Do medical doctors recommend chiropractors for low back pain?

We get many referrals from our medical and orthopedic community. Traditional medicine is limited in what they can do for pain outside of medication and surgery. Through our reputation and results, we have developed excellent partnerships and happily co-manage seemingly difficult cases with them.

Is a massage or chiropractic better for back pain?

While massage can help with muscle-related issues that arise, it often can’t resolve the underlying problem. In our office, we get excellent results by offering massage in conjunction with our chiropractic care.

My low back pain comes and goes, is that normal?

Since many factors lead to low back pain, it may be common for your pain to come and go depending on what you have done. However, common does not mean normal. It is not normal to have any recurring pain, and it would be beneficial to have it checked before it gets worse.

Are chiropractors covered by insurance for back pain?

Insurance sometimes offers some help for your immediate relief from back pain. With an abundance of plans out there, our team will collect all your insurance information and perform a complimentary verification of benefits to optimize your care.

How can I relieve my back pain?

It is difficult to determine what may be causing your pain, so there is no “go-to” approach for home care. However, if there is an injury, ice is recommended. In chronic situations, usually, heat gives better relief. Simple stretches can provide some relief. We have a database of thousands of stretches and exercises, depending on the condition. In reality, it is often better to come in and let a doctor check you out.

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We are here to help...

For general questions or to speak to one of our experts, send us a message.

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