Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Palm Bay, FL

Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Palm Bay, FL

Get Out Of Pain Fast | Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Palm Bay, FL

So once we find out where your pain is coming from why you’re having that pain, the next thing we need to do is make a specific plan. One of the most important parts of the plan, something that is totally necessary, we need to get movement in there. So when you have an injury, whether it be your spine, whether it be an ankle, whether it be your knee, what happens in the body is what’s called inflammation. So you have an injury, inflammation sets in, muscle spasms, kick in, the joints swell up, they reduce motion, that’s protection mechanism, what we work on is what’s called the Pain Gate Theory.

Low Back Pain and the Pain Gate Theory

The pink a theory says this, the perception of pain is going to happen in your brain. So you might have an angle problem, a back problem. And that problem and our problem, whatever it is, those nerves transmit electrical signals into your brain and your brain perceives that as paying here we’re paying there. The pain gate theory says, you also have what are called mechanoreceptors. Mechanoreceptors are movement receptors that are very, very dense in the joints and the muscles in the tendons. As your body moves, those mechanoreceptors are firing off those nerves, the movement nerves will block the painters. That’s called the Pain Gate Theory. So if you wake up in the morning, you’re all achy, you’re tired, your joints hurt. But once you get moving, you feel better. That’s the pain gate theory in action. So what we do is we look at your spine, what’s moving, what’s not moving. We’re going to adjust the joints, we’re going to make sure your spine is moving, carrying on over the counter centers. Then we’re going to add exercise in the office. We have migration platforms, we’re going to have certain specific exercises that are accustomed to where your pain might be, maybe some squats and maybe some nettles or whatever we do, we’re going to get that motion in there so we can close the pain gate. If you can control those mechanoreceptors, you close the pain gate, we get you better, faster!

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