Headache Relief Chiropractor In Palm Bay, FL

Headache Relief Chiropractor in Palm Bay, FL

Comprehensive Approach to Treating Headaches| Headache Relief Chiropractor in Palm Bay, FL

Dr. Martingano here one more time with Restoration Health Chiropractic. Once we figure out what’s causing those headaches, once we get a good idea why you’re getting those headaches, there’s a couple of things that we can do.

Spine Adjustments for Headache Relief

Number one, the most important thing we’ll ever do in here is we’re going to adjust your spine. That’s what chiropractors do, like we talked about with those joints. We’re going to fix that so we can get that working better to reduce those headaches. But on top of that, there are a lot of different things that we can do depending on what’s going on with you and your headaches. We have massage therapy, we have therapeutic exercise, we have certain stretches, we have home care that we can do. We even have nutrition and with supplementation, or food, allergies, insurance, we can look into all these different umbrella things. We’d like to be very comprehensive, especially with something like headaches because it can be complicated. If we can address all those things. We have the best chance of getting rid of those headaches so that you can live that quality of life that you’re looking for and get those things gone.

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