Best Choice for Headache Relief In Palm Bay, FL

Best Choice for Headache Relief Chiropractor In Palm Bay, FL

The Best Choice for Headache Relief | Chiropractor for Headaches in Palm Bay, FL

Dr. Martingano here with Restoration Health Chiropractic, we’re gonna talk to you one more time about what’s causing those headaches and what we can do to fix that.

How Your Nervous System Triggers Headaches

So I’m going to go a little bit deep right now, I’m going to show you where in the brain and why the brain how your neurology works, okay. Inside here, there’s something called the trigeminal nucleus. This is the part of the brain that triggers the headache. In other words, anything that goes to here will give you a headache, it does not matter if it’s a cluster headache, a migraine headache, a cervicogenic, headache, a post traumatic headache, what they have found is anything that feeds into this will cause a headache. So what feeds into this, there’s only a couple of things that feeds into this. This is what’s called the trigeminal nerve. There’s your ophthalmic, maxillary, and mandibular. Don’t worry about the words, anything that feeds in here, that’s why eyes can cause headaches. Taste can cause headaches, right here, this is your jaw, TM joint can cause headaches, anything feeding in here, but what else feeds in here and why chiropractic, so good. They found that cranial nerves one, two, and three, that is the upper part of your neck, this little bit right here feeds directly into here. Anything that you can do hear or hear that influence and that will calm down your headaches. So people who get adjusted, and their headaches go away. This is why why chiropractic is so good. This is why if we can figure out if there’s a problem here, if there’s a problem here, if there’s a problem over here, if we can influence that input, I guarantee you, we can help you with those headaches.

So one of the reasons we get such good reviews and why we’re so good at dealing with headaches is because we understand this, and this are where all headaches come from. We improve this, this gets better, you get better, and that’s how we’re gonna fix your headaches.

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