Restoration Health Eliminates Neck Pain In Palm Bay, FL

Restoration Health Eliminates Neck Pain Chiropractor In Palm Bay, FL

How Restoration Health Eliminates Neck Pain | Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Palm Bay, FL

Hi, I’m Dr. Dan Martingano with Restoration Health Chiropractic. I’m here today to tell you about your neck pain and how that happens. As an office, one of the ways that we are so successful in eliminating people’s neck pain is because we understand we have to learn what’s causing the neck pain, not all neck pain is from the same thing. Every person is different.

Your Initial Neck Pain Consultation and Exam

So every person has a different history, what kind of traumas what kind of injuries they might have? What are the conditions in the joints? Is their arthritis? What is their lifestyle, like? All these factors can play into when you’re having some kind of neck pain issue. So we’re going to learn as much as we can, we’re going to do a really thorough consultation and history before we get into our exam to answer some of those questions. And then once we start learning about who you are, and what you’ve been through, then we’re going to look for what’s causing that pain. We’re gonna look for something real specific. These are the joints in the spine, okay, the joints in your spine have a purpose, the bones are there to protect your nervous system. So if you’re having pain, your nerves are telling you there’s something wrong. The joints in the spine are like your skull, your skull protects your brain, these joints, protect your nerves, they’re supposed to move around and freely protect you. What happens is there’s a process these joints instead of moving properly, they’re going to get stuck and locked and jammed up. When that happens. The next thing is your soft tissue is going to get involved, which would be your discs, your ligaments, your tendons, your joint capsules, the soft tissue becomes inflamed, the joint stops moving soft tissue inflammation, they become fibrotic. They reduce motion your body’s trying to protect you, then the muscles get involved. This is where it becomes really important.

Postural Muscles and Your Neck Pain

These little muscles between the joints. Those are not the on purpose voluntary muscles. These muscles are posture muscles, their feedback muscles, those muscles tell your brain what’s going on with your spine in terms of movement. So if the joints aren’t working, the muscles aren’t telling the brain what’s going on. It’s missing pieces, you move more incorrectly, micro traumas happen. And then that’s when the nerve gets involved. That’s when you become consciously aware of neck pain, headaches, on pain, numbness, anything that you feel the nerve has to get involved. By the time the nerve gets involved. This process has been going on and that’s what we’re going to look for. We’re going to couple this with your history, your exam your lifestyle, we’re going to figure out as many of the pieces we can so we can get the best results possible and fixing your neck pain.

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