Chiropractic Care Eliminates Low Back Pain In Palm Bay, FL

Chiropractic Care Eliminates Low Back Pain In Palm Bay, FL

How Chiropractic Care Eliminates Low Back Pain | Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Palm Bay, FL

Dr. Martingano again with Restoration Health Chiropractic. And we’re going to talk to you about why we can fix your low back pain, what we do to find and fix that pain.

Comprehensive Consultation and Examination of Your Health History

So when we’re talking about back pain, obviously, we’re going to be looking at your lifestyle, what trauma you’ve been through accidents you’ve had, what is your history, then what we’re gonna do is we’re going to tie it to your spine, your spine has a purpose, the bones in your spine are to protect your nerves that keep you standing upright, but they protect your nerves like your skull protects your brain, while we’re looking for something called a vertebral subluxation. And this is interesting, this is a process that happens, what happens to the spine is number one, the joints themselves. Instead of moving instead of doing what they’re supposed to do, what they’ll do is they’ll get stuck, they’ll lose their alignment, they get jammed up, they get restricted, what happens next soft tissue gets involved. There’s your discs, there’s your discs in between your ligaments, joint capsules, they become inflamed, it’s soft tissue, so it becomes inflamed, it gets fibrotic it starts to get sticky. It’s trying to protect what it thinks is an injured joint, and then the muscles get involved. And then this is where it gets important. These little muscles, those are not the on purpose, voluntary muscles. What these are, these are feedback muscles that are up and down your spine. They tell your brain how your body is standing, how you’re moving, how to move.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Low Back Pain Relief

So if these joints aren’t working, the muscles are not firing to the brain, the brain is missing pieces of the puzzle. You’re moving incorrectly, you’re accumulating micro trauma, and eventually you’re gonna hit that threshold. Nerves are gonna get involved nerves right here. That’s when you feel pain, spasm, numbness and tingling, whatever it is. Nerves are how you feel. You’re consciously aware of that. So it’s your back. Maybe it’s the muscles, a deep ache, maybe it’s sciatica. It’s all coming from here. Well, we’re going to do we’re going to figure out how your joints are moving, or not moving. are they protecting? are they hurting you? If we can find this, and if we can fix that. That’s how we can address your back pain. That’s why we’re so successful at fixing these things. If we can address this, your nerves are going to feel better. Your soft tissue is going to work better the muscles are going to fire right and we can really fix those problems. That’s how we’re gonna address your low back pain.

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