Low Back Pain Relief In Palm Bay, FL

Low Back Pain Relief In Palm Bay, FL

A Holistic Approach To Low Back Pain Relief | Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Palm Bay, FL

Dr. Dan here with Restoration Health Chiropractic. So we’re talking about low back pain today. So what I’m here to tell you is not all back pain is created equal. In other words, back pain isn’t always back pain.

We Find the Root Cause of Your Low Back Pain

So I’m going to give you an example today, this is what’s called the pelvic ocular reflex. So what can happen is you’re looking at the spine, you need to do a thorough exam of the whole spine, not just the area. So if this case, if this head if this patient’s head started to move forward like that, it’s something we see very commonly, that forward head, what happens is it’ll, it’ll trigger off a reflex that’s built in, and then the pelvis will shift trying to stabilize you and gravity, so head goes forward, pelvis shifts. Now, when that head goes forward to the neck, it actually starts to stretch and elongate, but the joints in the back, they’re going to jam together. So from feeling if you’re looking for pain, the stretching of the neck, or the jamming of the low back, you get a feel it down here. However, the problem isn’t down here. The problem started from up here. So if I’m adjusting this patient, I’m hammering away on her low back, I’m adjusting her again and again, she may feel better with the adjustments, but I’m never going to fix the problem. If you’re looking at the whole spine. If I noticed that this is here and I’m going to bring that head back up. Naturally, the reflex is going to shut off the pelvis is going to go back to normal, the pelvis will fix itself. That’s called the pelvis ocular reflex. It’s one of many examples, why you need to look at the whole spine and figure out what’s going on and then you can get some real results with your low back pain.

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